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Management Training Consultants, Inc is one of the most sought after corporate training companies in the industry. Our relationships and connections allow us to conduct unique, and engaging training programs all around the world.

Public Programs


Management Training Consultants, Inc plans spectacular public programs at  Xavier Leadership Center via Xavier University.

We will deliver the perfect
blend of activities, exercises and modules that will
ensure that your future training is a success.

Gain experience in How Adults Learn, Creative Facilitation, and Planning, Designing and Evaluating

your trainings.


Customized In-house

Customized In-House


Customized In-House

By Mike Lair and/or Edward Jones 

We can customize and design a specialized In-house for your company from 4 to 16 employees.

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For Information on

Creating Experiential Learning Games

please contact:       513-312-9652

Public Programs By:  Mike Lair

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
School: Xavier University

Contact: Layne Frederick 

Phone # (513) 745-3396
Phone # (800) 982-2673

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Xavier Leadership Center Train The Trainer



May 17 - 20, 2022 

December 5 - 8, 2022

In-Person Train-The-Trainer

Train-The-Trainer promises to help you revolutionize how you train employees.  Both facilitators offer helpful perspectivies, while role modeling proven training techniques. 

For our custom in-house programs, we start by asking what are your expectations and build the objectives based on participant's involvement.